“Without doubt, one of the most Finest
High-Quality Bespoke Suits in the Middle East”
• Since 2006 •

Combining over 10 years of hard work and shared family knowledge

With our knowledge in tailoring, passion for fine clothing and desire to bring Bespoke to the masses, Black Amber was born. Combining expertise with a modern approach to timeless style, we give everyday men a story to tell - their suit story.


“We've been producing Suits for over 10 years,
We believe in Elegance Redefined”

We believe every man deserves to wear bespoke and we are committed to high-quality fabrics, impeccable tailoring and swift delivery. If you haven’t gone bespoke yet, don’t wait. Add a Black Amber suit to your closet and let your suit story begin.

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Count down to our launch

We'll be launching our new site in the coming weeks. Get in touch with us on the contacts below. Thanks for your interest!

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